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Perched in the highlands of the Gran Cordillera mountain ranges


Journey to the vibrant city of Zamboanga with this rundown


There has been a lingering rumor that the island province of Camiguin derived its name from the phrase “come again” because of its alluring

There’s more to the province of Rizal than its reputed dedication to art. With its historical architecture that stands to give a concrete glimpse

With its urban blight notwithstanding, Metro Manila remains an intriguing and exciting tropical metropolis for many foreign tourists. As a proof of its growing

Discover the myriad of sights to be enjoyed in Leyte, and why it always entices promises of a return Gen. Douglas MacArthur is rumored to

Diverse marine life, some fo the most pristine beaches in the country, and a portal into rich cultural traditions – find out why Sarangani

When I used to get asked if I’ve ever been to Catanduanes, the default answer was in the affirmative because some seven years ago,

While the comforts Bluewater Sumilon affords are draws in itself, the surrounding possibilities make it an essential pit stop to a smorgasbord of delights. Even

Days are fun at The Farmhouse by EDL. Evenings are no different. Read up on an alternative destination that offers a crash course on smart

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