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The 36th International Map Collectors Society Symposium

Ayala Museum and Gallery of Prints, with the support of The International Map Collectors Society (IMCoS) and the Philippine Map Collectors Society (PHIMCOS), present The 36th International Map Collectors Society (IMCoS) Symposium. It will be

Ayala Museum and Gallery of Prints, with the support of The International Map Collectors Society (IMCoS) and the Philippine Map Collectors Society (PHIMCOS), present The 36th International Map Collectors Society (IMCoS) Symposium. It will be held on Oct. 15 to 17, 2018 at the Ayala Museum, Makati along with exclusive visits to the Lopez Museum, Ortigas Foundation, and the University of Santo Tomas Heritage Library. Final registration with cocktails will be held on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 14, 2018.

For the first time in Southeast Asia, esteemed antique map collectors from all over the world and renowned local and international speakers will gather in Manila to participate in a series of lectures centered on the role and importance of historical maps and prints covering the Insulae Indiae Orientalis or the East Indies Islands, which demonstrate the European knowledge of the region with origins as early as the 16th century. With themes thriving on historical issues and unexplored accounts reflected in the antique maps and prints, the symposium will present lectures that will strengthen curiosity and appreciation for these significant treasures.

A highlight of this event is the much-awaited presentation of a 6-feet long (original size) reproduction in full color of the most expensive individual map ever sold in the world, the Maggiolo Portolan of 1531. Prominent London map dealer, Mr. Daniel Crouch, will present the reproduction and will discuss The Maggiolo Mystery — A Failed Proposal for Peace in a 1531 Portolan. Meanwhile, Mrs. Martine Chomel Harent, former curator of the Mexico National History Museum, will talk about the galleon trade between Manila and Acapulco from the Mexican perspective, supported by several original antique maps that outline the historical trade route.

The symposium will also feature afternoon visits to museums and institutions around Metro Manila where participants shall have the opportunity to exclusively view maps, prints, and other artifacts related to Insulae Indiae Orientalis in numerous collections belonging to the Ortigas Foundation, Lopez Museum, and the University of Santo Tomas Heritage Library (many of which are not available for public view).

In support of the symposium, a special exhibit at the Ayala Museum will feature many antique originals of the maps presented in the lectures, some of which have never been seen in the Philippines. The exhibit will be open to the public ahead of the event from Oct. 8, 2018 until Oct. 14, 2018. It will be temporarily closed during the symposium and will resume on the 18th until the 28th of October.

The exhibit will also showcase the Murillo Room, which will feature the largest number of Murillo maps together in one room — probably for the first time since 1764 when the British occupation of Manila had ended. It is with excitement that more than one grand Murillo Velarde map of 1734 will be displayed, including the famous acquisition of Filipino technology entrepreneur and educator Mel Velasco Velarde. Regarded as the Mother of all Philippine Maps, the Murillo Velarde map of 1734 was drawn by the Jesuit Father Pedro Murillo Velarde with the help of two Filipinos: Francisco Suárez and engraver Nicolas de la Cruz Bagay. The Murillo Room will also show other later Murillo editions and many Murillo derivatives by other cartographers.

IMCoS Philippine representative, Mr. Rudolf J. H. Lietz of the Gallery of Prints, who is the organizer of the symposium and is the curator of the exhibit says, “If you travel so far across the oceans to come and visit us, we want to show you something special. I am, thus, very happy to present to you an exhibition of over 150 original maps and prints from the Gallery of Prints, and from my personal collection accompanied by originals lent by presenters from Manila and overseas, fellow members of PHIMCOS, and from institutions like the Malacañang Museum.”

The 36th IMCoS Symposium 2018 is a two-part event in Manila and Hong Kong. The second part of the annual event is separately organized by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Library; it runs from the 19th until the 20th of October.

For more information on The 36th IMCoS Symposium – Manila, please contact us via email: symposium@gop.com.ph or call (02) 821-7181